Men's Group

The Men's' group is here to invite you to join this amazing experience that moves the deepest parts of our spirituality and that dives into a trustworthy life that is devoted to intense service to those around us, we take on activities in and outside of our congregation to form a spiritual unity and work as a team amongst ourselves, the men of this congregation. This group is made up of men that are Pastors, leaders, ministers, deacons and all sorts of members of our congregation. Our primary objective is that you can become one with this movement, where you can participate in the holy doctrine of Christ. We want every single one of our Men to enter into an intimate relationship with God and for them to be able to develop a true connection with Christ and walk always striving to be as he is. We find out those gifts God has placed in us and help each other exploit and use them for the good of our being, the church, the communities outside the church and for the kingdom of God.


Women's Group

The Women's' ministry of PIBR provided women with a beautiful opportunity to participate in the building of the kingdom of heaven through service to the congregation and the communities around us. Our vision for our women is that every single one of them can have an encounter with Christ and that their lives may be transformed. The result is that this transformation leads our women to make a pact in order to reach out and help other women who don't know Christ. It is our goal for every woman to grow in her relationship with God through prayer, fasting, reading the scriptures and congregating. We challenge our women to find a place in a ministry in order to develop and use their spiritual gifts. Apart from that our ministry helps those struggling spiritually and in other aspects.

but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" (Proverbs 31:30)


Initiative Group

Koinonia is love, happiness, time spent together, share, and get to know each other. We need one another because we are one great spiritual family that is lead by our heavenly father Christ, and the Holy Spirit as our helper. Being together along with brotherhood, are important for God's church. It's not an option, but a necessity and obligation of every Christian. 1 Corinthians 12:25 commands us to take care of each other as members, why?

Because we together form the body of Christ, no longer strangers, but members of the same family. (Ephesians 2:19)


Levites Worship

The Levites are a group that is dedicated to the free and joyful praise; the vision of this group is one of motivation and happiness for our community of faith. It is led by our Pastor Kimberly Alquicira. Our worship group is a group full of fervor for praise and joy, not only in singing, but in joyful dancing. For those who only speak english, or very little of it, there are some english songs to fit your needs. Not only that but every song sung in spanish has english translation of the lyrics. Our group is always giving new selections of songs without forgetting the old timey songs that make a service what it is.



Our pantomime group is a group of interpretive dancing using more robotic movements to be able to express a song. Most songs are Hip Hop or Urban with some touches of christian electronic songs. It is based on the form of expression of animators of the Roman and Greek era while adding on elements of miming, the famous form of art from Europe. The members are dressed in black and white as such mimes. In this group, they try to focus on the hands, which is why they're called "Manos Limpias", or "Hands of Purity". They see the hand as a gift from God with endless functions, one of them being worship.



Witnesses is a group of youths who have decided to express themselves through Hip Hop music. They have taken inspiration from christian RAP artists present their feelings and opinions in the lives of youth who have decided to have a Christ centered life. The youth in this group write their own RAP songs, taken from the inspiration of God through them. They want to proclaim that they have been "Witnesses" to the power of God in their lives and the world around them.


Dance Ministry

Our dance ministry is focused on being able to use the talents of dance and expression for the glory of God. It is opened to any member who wishes to join this great group. The group known as Shekinah was the first ministry to be initiated in PIBR and since its beginning has served as an important channel for the worship and praise of the people. The word "Shekinah" is derived from the old testament word meaning the glory of the presence of the Lord in the form of light. We want the dancing of this ministry to represent the glory of God within the worship of the church, not only in the form of song, but using our whole bodies.



Doncellas is a group for young women that are 15 and older and are single. The Doncellas group was established as a support group for young women that in unity can search after purity and holiness in God. We know that nowadays, our young women have to face many problems, situations and temptations. We understand that they have to grow up in a world that doesn't value the integrity and dignity that creations of God truly deserve. In the Doncellas they can find answers and guidance from other youth and leaders. Any young woman that decides to become part of this group will never be alone in her path in becoming a women.



Mancebos is group aimed a young men ages 15 and up who are single. The group is focused on the idea of the purity of man and especially, the purity of youth. The group serves as a support group for youth and youth adults against the temptations and hardships of this world. Together in prayer, fun and unity, the young men can express themselves and their problems, finding a place of comfort and loving support. We try to break the belief that men cannot share problems and struggles with others. In this way we can alleviate many of the stressful situations that come to young men from their daily lives and from the process of becoming men.


Social Action

Praxis is an outreach program that is directed to the community which surrounds the church, in this case the Twin Cities. Praxis tries to use the reach out to those in need with the love, help and support that the church and its resources could offer. The ministry tries to connect and link up with other organizations and non-profits across the metro area in order to help those in need connect with those who can help, something that is very difficult to do when someone finds themselves alone and in need. Praxis isn't just about assisting the community and those individuals who need our help, it is also about expanding our church's, PIBR, influence and reach across the Twin Cities and be able to create a strong bond between the church and local groups in order to benefit the community and those needing a strong support network to get them back on their feet. The ministry doesn't believe that we should just rejoice and find comfort in the love and salvation of Jesus, but that we should take what he has given us and taught us and put it into PRAXIS.



At PIBR we believe that christian education is very important for the growth and development of every christian that follows God. In the bible it tells us to go out and learn from his word with the Holy Spirit assisting us in our search for knowledge. It also tells us that we are completely capable of understanding what he has given to us through his word and revealed to us through his spirit. We believe that the bible is the most glorious act of God after his coming to earth as Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Our seminary is divided into two groups including the General Class and the Ministers classes. Every class is full of discussion, lessons of truth and wisdom amongst the students. There is never a boring class without something important to take from it.


Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry is a ministry that we think is very important here at PIBR. We believe that it is of the upmost importance to have a well structured and through education for our children as they are the future and hope of our church as we reach towards the future. Without a good children's ministry we cannot expect the future generations of the church to have all the resources deemed necessary to continue forth with our vision. We want to be able to reach a level of education with our teachers and assistant that truly touches the children and allows them to truly value their salvation in Christ. We teach them the basic stories and lessons of the bible which help them understand the realities of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The children's ministry tries to teach the virtues of love, peace, patience, hope, faith and the importance of a good christian education.